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Autoload after DataBuilder

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Autoload after DataBuilder

I've saved the output from my DataBuilder session as a table in the library designated for Autoload; however, the table is not loading nor updating with the other tables in the library.

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Re: Autoload after DataBuilder

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Any logs to assist?


A few thoughts:

  • Are you saving your data in an appropriate filetype (presumably SAS data set) in the AutoLoad filesystem folder. Autoload will only load certain file types from a filesystem folder - SAS data sets, Excel spreadsheets, CSV & delimeted files.
  • (Forgetting data builder for a moment..) what happens if you just place a SAS table or CSV file in the AutoLoad folder?
  • Have you turned the AutoLoad scheduler on?
  • If you are using DataBuilder, do you even need to go via AutoLoad? Why not simply schedule the Query and have it load directly into a LASR library?

Please clarify your requirements - then maybe we can help clarify if the best solution is DataBuilder, AutoLoad and/or a combination of both.




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