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Auditing report in VA

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Auditing report in VA

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how can we enable  the auditing report in SAS VA? there is a table but its not loaded into LASR. 


are there any settings in sas mc to be done? 


please give me the detials..if possible..and also any customization auditing report specs..

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Re: Auditing report in VA

Changed the post subject to so it better describes the quiestion.

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Re: Auditing report in VA

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Re: Auditing report in VA

I have looked into the document but my problem the audit_analysis table is not generated. but the option is enabled in the sas smc ->application management->sas application infrastructure ->visual analytics -> properties ->advanced ->va.AuditingEnabled = True.


but there is not able is generatedin the EVDMLA floder.

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Re: Auditing report in VA

Just a warning:


Please also take notice of following discussion we faced simular issues and ended up with a non responsive system which took several days to find the root cause.




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