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Apache Internal rewrite

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Apache Internal rewrite

We are attempting to create a portal for our users by presenting them with a menu which has report links for the various areas and functions.  However, we would also like to implement an internal rewrite so that the user is not shown the URL.  We have modified Lev1\Web\WebServer\conf\sas.conf to include our own site specific configurations and have been successful for the most part by having:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule   "^/$"  "/SASVisualAnalyticsViewer/guest.jsp?reportName=MENU&reportPath=/PROD/&reportViewOnly=true"  [NC,PT]

However, when a user browses to:

they are redirected to:


It is treated like an external redirect and the users browsers show the full URL

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Re: Apache Internal rewrite

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To diagnose it I think you should use browser web developer tools. That way you could see all requests send and received.


I think the cause of observed behaviour is that your first request is indeed "/" and it gets proxied to /SASVisualAnalytics. However next redirect is to /SASLogon and then after confirming guest access I expect /SASVisualAnalytics/guest.jsp  request will be send, and that does not fall into your rule anymore.

Maybe creating custom index page on SAS Web Server with iframe would work for you?



  Jan Alboszta

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