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Aggregations Result to Wrong Sum Total.

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Aggregations Result to Wrong Sum Total.

Hi. I am working with a data set that poses me to create an aggregation which is correct when u drill down to a particular level but when the sum total is calculated for it the colum sub totals and totals are completely wrong.Is there a way to sum up plain aggregations? I m posting a screen shot of the issue that i am facing.Please Observe that the individual figures are fine but when you look at the subtotals and totals it yeilds absurd high totals.
bottle n cases error.png
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Re: Aggregations Result to Wrong Sum Total.

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Hi @maverickkub, if you haven't already, please contact Technical Support, which is best equipped to diagnose what's happening. To see the ways to contact Tech Support, refer to: http://support.sas.com/techsup/contact/index.html Post back to this thread what worked for you!

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