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Aggregated measure to measure

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Aggregated measure to measure



How to convert an aggregate measure to measure value.




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Re: Aggregated measure to measure

You really need to provide some detail about what you have and what you are attempting. What kind of "aggregate" do you currently have? What kind of disaggregate to think you want from that?


One example of a somewhat better description: I have a numeric value that is the total sum of sales for a calendar month and I want a daily value if sales were made on 24 days.


From that a daily value of the average sale could be made such as total/24.


But I have a numeric value of 1234 and want to get something else requires some additional information.


Hint: if all you have is a percent or sum there could be many ways to get back to some "measure" but utility of some if not most may be questionable.

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Re: Aggregated measure to measure

I have a custom graph made of both Scatter plot and Line graph(Line graph runs in both x axis and y axis).

The Problem or solution i require is for the line graph.

In the line graph (for now lets only consider x axis):

Line graph needs to show the average.

The variables needed is already calculated using aggregate measure [i.e., (Group by)P values / (group by All)Q values = XX]

So XX is the aggregated measure.

Now i want to calculate a simple average(ex: 20/10 = 2, So the average should be 2) which i can use in the line graph(created in custom graph).

Now when i use the - Avg(XX) in aggregated measure, i cant do that as SAS VA says i cant use an aggregated function).

So i am looking for solution for this.



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