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Aggregated Measure in Show column Total

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Aggregated Measure in Show column Total

Hi everyone,

     I'm new on SAS VA 6.2 and I have a question regarding on how SAS VA handles Aggregated Measure on Column Totals. When I say Totals it is the sum of the the numbers inside that variable or column. For example, I have variables A, B and C. Variable A is an Aggregated Measure while B is a Measure and to get variable C I would do the computation A*B in Aggregated Measure. If I put them on Cross tab and click on Show column total in it's Properties, instead of getting the sum of Variable C in the totals I would get the values of Total of A * Total of B. Is there a way I would get the Sum of Variable C in the totals for aggregated measure?



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Re: Aggregated Measure in Show column Total

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May be I've havente understund your problem but if the istuation is this

a 100  10

b   50  30

c  20   40

d 10    20


sum c = 100*10+50*30+ 20*40+10*20

In this case not use the aggregate measure but the 'normal measure

sum c = (100+50+20+10)*(10+30+40+20)

In this case use the aggretagate measure with sun for group

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