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Aggregate by Group for Comparison in SAS VA

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Aggregate by Group for Comparison in SAS VA

Urgent !


Good Morning, 


I have the following data set:


Parking     Floor      Row          Date            OccupiedSpace        TotalSpace      Occupancy%   

 Blue             1            A1       12/20/2016                   11                           22                        50%

 Blue             1            A1       12/21/2016                    9                            22                        41%

 Blue             1            B1       12/20/2016                    4                            10                        40%

 Blue             1            B1       12/21/2016                  10                            10                      100%


and I am trying to aggregate the occupancy by Parking to use as a benchmark tomeasure my row occupancy performance


For example, on 12/20/2016 my Row A1 occupancy was 50% which was 3% higher then the overall "Blue" parking opccupancy 47%.


Ideally I would like to use a tree map to show the Row occupancy color coded based on the performance measument in comparison to the "Blue" Parking at the day level and also use a cross tab where I would be able to show both measures and the occupancy difference. 


Any idea would help. I've tried many different approaches and I'm not getting to the end result. 


Thank you,



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