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Administrating Visual Analytics

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Administrating Visual Analytics

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How different is administering SAS Visual Analytics environment from normal SAS BI Environment?


Any links to SAS Papers would be really helpful.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics



related to reporting, it has more or less the same considerations, but as a different product with different components, there are many peculiarities that you should be aware of.


Instead of papers, I would strongly advise you to start with the SAS VA Administration Guide : https://support.sas.com/documentation/onlinedoc/va/


This document is user/password protected, but you should be able to get it from your SAS Technical Support, if your company has already purchased the SAS VA license.


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Re: SAS Visual Analytics

Thanks Juan for the response. Unfortunately we don't have SAS VA as of now. I have visited that link and since it's protected I am looking for some papers.

Also, I have seen the free videos at SAS Site but they are pertaining to a task only.

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics

As a recent administrator to SAS VA, I would say it is very similar to administering SAS BI server, assuming your architecture is similar. VA has extra requirements for managing LASR memory and VA apps.

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Re: Administrating Visual Analytics

First of all, I'd get in contact with the SAS representative and take a look at your requirements, and see if VA is a viable solution.

It may be that your reporting requirements can be met with lesser means (both in term of complexity and cost).


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