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Adjusting Screen Resolutions

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Adjusting Screen Resolutions


Is there any way SAS VA can automatically adjust to the user's screen resolutions. I have made the reports in my laptop with a screen resolution of 1600 * 800 and the reports are working fine. However, some parts of the screen appear hidden/do not appear properly in the screens of some users that have a lower resolution system (that cannot be increased to 1600*800). For some users, it works fine. I cannot keep changing the reports.... Is there any solution in VA whereby it automatically takes the screen resolution into account and displays the reports correctly.



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Re: Adjusting Screen Resolutions

HI Manish,

What layout did you use when you created the report? Precision or tiled? Tiled is the default. http://support.sas.com/documentation/cdl/en/vaug/67270/HTML/default/viewer.htm#n14cts4z4yzwwmn1h6e0r...

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Re: Adjusting Screen Resolutions

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I suspect no, and screen resolution wouldn't necessarily be the answer but window space. I hate all of the designers out there that automatically assume their display is so important it must occupy the full screen and won't display properly or very well in a less than full screen window.

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