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Adding new columns to a LASR table

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Adding new columns to a LASR table


  1. Create a SAS dataset
  2. Load the above SAS dataset into a LASR table
  3. Create a SAS VA Exploration off the above LASR table
  4. Create some new custom hierarchies in this Exploration
  5. Add 5 new columns to the dataset created in step 1 and reload the LASR table
  6. Refresh the data in your Exploration
  7. The 5 new columns do not appear!

How does one continue to use their Explorations while also picking up new columns added to the underlying LASR table?

Note* Creating a new Exploration does pickup the new columns but then we lose the hierarchies created in Step 4.


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Re: Adding new columns to a LASR table

maybe if you first drop the origenal lasr table and recreate it under the same name.

maybe the import query is stored in the background.

while using a registered sas table and importing the data via a data querry, its more easy to control.

Greetings Peter

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