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Add CommaX format in SAS VA

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Add CommaX format in SAS VA



I'm having difficulties adding the CommaX format in SAS VA. I'm using the 'Load to LASR' step in Enterprise Guide to load a specific table on to the LASR. I'm specifying the formats over there before I load the table to LASR. 


When I use the 'Data Preparation' option in VA and select those columns, I see they are imported with the right CommaX format. 


But when I use those variables in a report the format is gone. Then I can only select the US default formats (Comma etc.). 


Do I need to add the formats first in VA before I can use it? 


And how can I do this? 


Thank you very much in advance for the information! 


Kind Regards



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Re: Add CommaX format in SAS VA

Hi Cedric,


Welcome to the SAS Visual Analytics Community! See if this Support Note will help with your issue:http://support.sas.com/kb/56/419.html





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