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Accessibility updates from SAS

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Accessibility updates from SAS

Hello there SAS Visual Analytics Community,


Earlier this year, I called your attention to the fact that the latest version of SAS Mobile BI for iOS incorporates accessibility technology. Now I want to share a couple more pieces of information around what SAS is up to relative to accessibility.  


AccessWorld Mag image.jpgFirst, AccessWorld Magazine (which is similar to a Consumer Reports for people with visual impairments or blindness) recently reviewed a series of SAS products and their updates for accessibility. The article details accessibility functionality within SAS Graphics Accelerator, SAS OnDemand for Academics and SAS University Edition. It also talks about ways a visually impaired student can learn SAS through free e-learning courses.


Second, Ed Summers, Director of Accessibility at SAS, wrote a LinkedIn article about how we created a culture of accessibility at SAS. It outlines three essentials to incorporate accessibility...one of which is to hire people with disabilities. Read the article for details on that and the others.



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