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AUTOLOAD for large tables

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AUTOLOAD for large tables

While developing new reports and dashboards in VA, we set our AUTOLOAD process on our Linux o/s to occur
every 5 minutes for expediency.  We have recently attempted to Autoload tables that are so large that it appears
the first attempt to load them begins but they do not finish loading within 5 minutes when the next AUTOLOAD
cycle kicks off. What is the expected behavior in this situation? Does the failure to load the first time prevent the
Autoloader from attempting again, unless the table's timestamp is updated? Or does the AUTOLOADer continue to
work on loading the original table in the background, not attempting a new load despite the AUTOLOAD process
kicking off every 5 minutes, and will eventually complete. We've seen what looks like the 2nd scenario happen in a few
situations, but the Autoloader.sas7bdat file which is a log of the Autoloader attempts shows no indication of the table
loading in background. We just eventually notice the table appeared when viewing Manage Environment in VA.

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Re: AUTOLOAD for large tables

HI Marty,

I *think* that when an AUTOLOAD is in process, a marker file (autoload.pid) is put in place in the scripts directory to serves as a cue that another autoload operation should not kick off.  Someone else with more SAS Visual Analytics admin experience can surely embellish/correct my answer here, but basically the AUTOLOAD is designed to not "re-enter" when there is an ongoing AUTOLOAD.


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Re: AUTOLOAD for large tables

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Thanks Chris! Since no one else has responded, I may go ahead and open a Tech Support track for this one. 

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Re: AUTOLOAD for large tables

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It know it's been a while, MALIGHTbut maybe this video will help: Implementing Automatic Loading of Data to Memory in a Windows Environment.




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