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5 FAQs on the SAS Visual Analytics Community

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5 FAQs on the SAS Visual Analytics Community

What do SAS Visual Analytics users ask about most often on the community? What community topics are highly trafficked? I recently sat down with the SAS Visual Analytics Product Management team to discuss how sharing top-viewed threads in a stand-alone community post would be useful for the newest to the most mature VA users. Perhaps you’ve had the same question(s) yourself. Here are five popular topics over the last year.

Export to MS Excel from a SAS VA report Viewer mode
sundeep15685, Joy_SAS, JuanS_OCS, MikA

How to Concatenate Character and Variable
Phoenix232, MichelleHomes, RW9, Jais_Tindborg

SAS VA: WeekNumber from Monday to Sunday
data_ipr, Cameron, MichelleHomes, Bruno_SAS, Refsgaard1, BO1

Stacked and grouped bar chart
MicheldeKooter, RaviDevarajan_sas, bayex

About numeric to character conversion in expressions of calculated item
SilinBorro, arodriguez, TejaSurapaneni, VivekRathod

Any other particular threads you’d like to call attention to? I’ll feature this post in the sidebar of the community for ease of reference for everyone.

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