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3 Easy Steps for Adding External Data to your Reports

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3 Easy Steps for Adding External Data to your Reports


If you read my Thanks for the Negative Tweets Josh post on LinkedIn then you know that I’ve been working on some Twitter reports in SAS Visual Analytics. My goal is to have a set of reports that I can use for demos, training, blog posts, web-inars, and even eBooks.  In my current draft the biggest challenge is determining what Twitter data tells an interesting story and provides the viewer with a takeaway. When exploring data, viewers need to start with a bigger picture and move to details, which can include linking to external sites.

Building a Web Report in SAS VA

What you want is to create a report that reveals more detail with each click or allows the user to explore the data in more detail. Each report section allows the viewer to learn about the data from a different viewpoints. If it’s Twitter data, we want to examine the tweet arrival, tweet body, and even who is tweeting. Here’s the mock-up for what I think are some valid things to know about the Tweeters.

sas visual analytics twitter report

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