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100k unique values, how do I let users select one of them?

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100k unique values, how do I let users select one of them?

I have a report that contains a number of product-specific pieces of information.  I would like to give my VA users the ability to select a single product and that acts as a filter for this report.  The preferable solution would be to give them an input text control box and that would filter everything.  However, since this is a rather high cardinality field, VA 6.4 simply displays a yellow caution sign stating that I must filter the data more.

Things I've tried/thought of to limit the data:

1) I am able to filter the data (via drop-downs and interactions) based upon an inherent hierarchy for products (class->subclass->product) but this is less than desired for my group of users.

2) Is there an internal setting/limit that can be modified?  Server side? or Client side?

3) Create a stored process in which they enter a product number via prompt and the STP generates a temporary table in memory for just that product and the report is based upon that.  This may cause further issues with multiple users using the report and different products concurrently.

4) Limit the possible products to a select few thousand of most interest.

With that, does anyone have any ideas or have you run across this issue and how did you resolve it?

Thanks much

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