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NCAA Men's Basketball - Team Comparison in SAS Visual Analytics

by SAS Super FREQ Thursday - edited Thursday by Community Manager (173 Views)

This SAS Visual Analytics report shows a U.S. National Collegiate Athletic Association(NCAA) team comparison in a dashboard. Each side highlights game statistics such as number of points or made/missed shots as well as performance over game time.




Data has been obtained from Sportradar.

by Contributor SundareshS

Hi Falko,

Great job, as always! Just a broader suggestion which entered my mind while I was looking at this report: with playable dashboards in VA 8.3 / Viya 3.4,  can't such an infographic be modified to transition through multiple tabs like a slideshow? You might be able to provide more data points / messages in a shorter attention span.


- more use of reporting space - you can emphasize each individual object by maximizing them as part of the playback


- Perhaps the entire playback of the report can be packaged into an animated gif  or SVG file (not sure if such things are possible) ? 




by SAS Super FREQ

Thanks Sundaresh. Appreciate your suggestions and comments. And yes, the playable dashboard feature in VA 8.3 is used to transition through multiple tabs - just like a slideshow. If data changes - individual visualizations will also smoothly transition into the new state and visualize new data.


This particular dashboard was created as an interactive report though - so one can select teams to compare against and probably doesn't have enough pages to go through in play mode. 


I may have to check regarding the export to animated GIF or SVG as I'm not sure whether that's an option. I guess one could just record the screen using any of the screen recording tools as well. 


Thanks again. 

Regards, Falko