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Two More Days to Submit for SESUG

by Learner JBrinkley on ‎05-31-2017 10:32 PM

In 2010 I attended my first SESUG at the behest of a good friend and later conference chair.  A long time SAS User, up to that point I had focused on conferences that centered on statistical methodology.  I did not see added value in attending sessions on programming and analytics.


Boy was I wrong.


Seven years later and I've attended every SESUG since my first.  I've learned that I am a decent statistician and a terrible programmer and that getting better at the later has made me better at the former.  SESUG has given me so much and now I get the pleasure of giving back by serving as Academic Chair for SESUG 2017.  We're Coming Home to the beautiful SAS Campus in Cary, North Carolina.


It is my hope to see the good friends I've made from other recent SESUG conferences as well as people who haven't been to a SESUG in many years as well as people who haven't ever been to a SESUG.  And I hope to see you there as well.  


Two more days to submit from our extended call for content.  One of the fun things about being on the other side of the curtain is watching submissions come in and I've already earmarked some of the ones I hope to sit in on.  


Find all the info on the SESUG website at