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Nurture Membership of your Users Groups

Do you really know who is attending your users group meetings and what topics they want to hear about? The users group programs team can help your group with surveys so you know your membership!

Nurture your membership to keep them coming back and interacting - just contact your users group liaison for an annual survey or post event survey (which is part of the benefits of being a registered SAS Users Group)


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Re: Nurture Membership of your Users Groups
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This sounds cool.  So a few questions...

1. Does the group provide the emails of the members?

2. Is it possible to have SAS send the survey to more than any list provided by the LUG? Example: a broader population that matches the geography served by the group?  So if we know of 400 members in Chicago... But SAS has 1000 users in the area... will there be a message to "1000" or just the "400" - this is somewhat related to question 1.

3. Are there prebuilt surveys that you have ready for us to use?  This way we can have a few templates/questions to go off? Or do we build questions/surveys from scratch?

4. Is the survey something that a 'link' could be set up and then users go to? Or is it pushed to them?

5. What kind of results/information can be seen or observed by the LUG?  All? Some?

6. Has any other Local Leader tried this and... how did it go?


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Re: Nurture Membership of your Users Groups
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To answer all of your questions below:

We can email the past participants of your users group if we have that data. Or we can provide you with a link to blast to your membership if you own it. We can also do a radius pull of your membership area to gain more insight for your group.


The surveys are prebuilt for you to use. We could add a question if needed.


We can send you a report of all the information that comes back from they survey but you will not have access to the survey tool.


Yes, other leaders have used a survey after their event to gauge changes needed for their group.