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Establish an Online Presence

Last week, I mentioned how creating a presence on social media can help you promote your group and keep members informed about activities.


With SAS Global Forum coming up in April and the opportunity for networking, it's a great time to start engaging with your members (new and exisiting) and the rest of the SAS community on social media.


Here's a checklist to help get you started:

  • Select one to two outlets that make the most sense for your group. If you create too many social channels, it might get intimidating and overwhelming. Polling your members or potential members on the social media channels they use or prefer may be a good step to figuring out which ones make sense for your group.
  • Determine which of your volunteers will have posting priviledges. Decide what kind of information would interest and engage your group.
  • Make the social media channels yours! Write a description, upload cover images and seed your pages with topics.
  • Invite members and potential members to join and participate.

Already have some social media accounts? Great! Just remember to stay active and engaged with your followers.


Feeling like you could have better engagement with your social media channels? The SAS Users Groups Program team can share best practices to get you going.


If you have questions around selecting social media accounts, creating social plans and/or setting up websites, remember SAS is here to help!


Do you have any other tips or suggestions to establishing a presence online? Share with the group!

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Re: Establish an Online Presence
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Here are some tips I shared recently within the SAS Global Forum 2016 group on Starting you #SASGF Social Plans (specifically for Twitter).




P.S. A while ago we also set up a QUEST LinkedIn group for our Queensland SAS user group members. It is a private group with around 200 members to discuss, share matters local to our user group. Following this, the SANZOC group was formed for all SAS Australian New Zealand users to collaborate and share.

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Re: Establish an Online Presence
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Great post @MichelleHomesSmiley Happy

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Re: Establish an Online Presence
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A number of local SAS user groups utilize sasCommunity.org as their home page.  The site is free and as a wiki you can have your members watch the page so that they get an email each time you post an update.  You can see a list of user groups that utilize this feature here.

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Re: Establish an Online Presence

Oh I have to support @ArtC and other webmasters with his comment about the sascommunity.org site. It's a great SAS wiki!


Since 2007, we have been using it as a place to store the presentations from our user group meetings and also share photos taken of the event. Have a look at http://www.sascommunity.org/wiki/Brisbane_SAS_User_Group In fact a few years ago @DonH saw I was uploading photos and found the MediaWiki tag for me to use. The team of webmasters are very helpful! 


The main reason why we started using it was due to not having our own website to store the presentations. Each year the SAS QUEST website would be updated and the content removed. We can now share the presentations, photos with our members and with the wider SAS community.

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Re: Establish an Online Presence
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@MichelleHomes mentions posting papers and presentations on sasCommunity.  There is a special tool and location that allows presenters to collect and display their presentations, including PPT, code, data and the things that can't be put in the proceedings.  This includes presentations at in house user groups as well as presentations that are "in the works".  Take a look at the papers and presentations page (link on the left side navigation panel).  Detailed instructions for creating your own presentations page are also available on the wiki.

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Re: Establish an Online Presence
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Hi All.


let me start off by saying this message by no means should indicate we know what we are doing.

but we have had significant growth in our group in just a short time (subjectively speaking)


I lead the Windy City SAS Users Group - wcsug.com and a few others.

Our web and marketing strategy has been very different from many of the other groups found here.

I think the online component you have should support your other activities.  but thats my imho.


Bit of history.

I relaunched the Chicago group in October of 2014.  We now have over 400 participating members.

Our family of groups are: 

1. WCSUG - wcsug.com

2. Northern Illinois SAS Users Group - nilsug.com

3. Schaumburg SAS Users Group - schaumburgsug.com

4. Milwaukee SAS Users Group - milsug.com


Yes we have websites for each of the groups.  And each of the groups has its own meetup.com account.

All of the groups combined total over 700 members.


To me we are small organizationally and it matters to how easy it is to set up events and keep things active.


We are "thinking" about doing a one day conference.  

Ironically that is NOT what we are known for.  We like doing regular, routine events. Both in person and webinars.


The monthly in person events and our regular webinars keep us light, thin and busy.

For each of our events we get about 15 to 20 people attending.  Sometimes more.

The one day conference - or that model - might actually be something we just dont need.  its TBD.


I've been discussing this with a variety of people and i'll start a separate thread here later.

But i just dont see the benefit of a one day event.   Lots of work - minimal roi.  Let the regionals do it.


Just a few days ago I spoke with the folks at SUG Support.

My projection for memberships are to be at over 1000 members by August.

With the Chicago group probably hitting a steady plateau of about 700 to 900 members and likely sitting around that for a while.


The other groups in our family - if they continue - will put us in a unique spot of being a collective of groups with a membership of about 1500 to maybe 2000.


This doesnt even count members who join us via the web remotely.

Thats not an online presence.  Thats not our goal. 


We want users in our area to engage as often as they can or like.

Not just come to our website, facebook, etc.  That to me isnt the goal.

If my goal were to have users hit our site, i'm sure we could accomplish that.

But we want to build our community.  And in person is our goal.


To me. 

Our online presence is a support of the activity we try to do regularly in person.

Meetup is a great tool.  Linkedin is 'so so' - depending on what you need to do with it.


Our websites are - imho - passive.  I could honestly see that being dropped and we'd still have growth.


As for sas community website - we have (i have) seen it and used it (in the past).  But not recently.

We really should use that more to hold our content and leverage the community features of it.


Not sure if this helps anyone.

If you have questions just ask me.







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Re: Establish an Online Presence
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Thank you @zeketorres_sasaholic for sharing! I am glad to hear you have such an engaged and active membership and continue to see growth!