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Establish a Marketing Plan: Getting Started

A marketing plan is the blueprint for your users group's success. It helps you attract new members and communicate effectively with existing members.


A marketing plan can be fluid - so don't set it in stone! You'll want to revisit your plan periodically and revising as needed to realign it with any new priorities. SAS can provide marketing support for your group's meetings, but the ultimate goal is to be self-sustaining. 


You may be asking yourself 'How do I even get started with a marketing plan?' It's not as hard as you may think. Smiley Happy  In order to reach current and prospective members, you first need to figure out who they are. 

  • Is your group for beginners?
  • For specific product users?
  • Users of multiple SAS solution at every level of expertise?

Your group's demographics may be immediately evident, or you may need to enlist your leadership team or recruit volunteers to help identify who your members are - and what you want your group to become. We can provide you with a survey customized to your group's name. Or we can share an example to help you get started on your own self-created and hosted survey.


Once you have defined your target members, consider how you reach them with your message.

  • Are they active in other social organizations?
  • Can you best connect to them via email, LinkedIn groups or other social media?


Another great way to find out where your audience is on social media channels is to leverage social proof via existing follower counts and engagemet rates. Testing content on all channels and viewing your engagement will give a true sense of where the audience exists. 


If you currently have a marketing plan for your users group, share with us what's worked for you!