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6 great ideas for users group leaders

This may have been posted last year but is still relevant today!

Share your great ideas within our community!



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Re: 6 great ideas for users group leaders
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Some useful ideas to refreshed up user groups. In Australia we have state based user groups that were quarterly and now twice a year. The Christmas event for the QUEST (Queensland Users a Exploring SAS Technoloy) that I chair is a festive fun event. We have played networking games such as SASsy Bingo and SASsy Trivia each year which is fun and gives people the opportunity to meet others in the community as they work together to answer questions. 


If if your interested in seeing our presentations and photographs of our events click on the meeting pages at http://www.sascommunity.org/wiki/Brisbane_SAS_User_Group


I look forward to hearing what other groups do.


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Re: 6 great ideas for users group leaders
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Good Ideas.


We've incorporated some of them into our local model.

1. We use Meetup.com - it helps with event notification and calendar/schedules

2. We do use Social Media - Facebook, LinkedIn for meeting announcements but its not fully developed for us yet.

3. We are very web/inar centric at this point.  We have at least two events now per month that are via the web.

4. We hold "bootcamps" - these have become pretty popular.  We help newbies to SAS get hands on with SAS University Edition/SAS On-Demand. 


5. We do have a pretty good relationship with local Universities that hopefully will grow a little more.  We know there are probably some students there who can bring us some web development skills to help us do a little more with our site(s) and social media.

6. We are not very good with "fun" games like SAS trivia or SAS Bingo.  Mostly because we dont have one 'big' meeting a month, or quarter. But more like frequent meetings with small number members.  We could however find ways to bring those games to a webinar type event and make those more interactive.


Some questions...

What system or service does  your group use for Webinars?

We found FUZEmeetings.com and it seems to be "ok".  But we do experience some technical issues now and then. 

We might have grown out of fuze and might need something like gomeeting.

Does anyone have any experience with webinar systems/pricing?

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Re: 6 great ideas for users group leaders
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Thanks @zeketorres_sasaholic for sharing what you do at your events. Can you share the name of your event? Do you have a website?


Interesting to hear your community embraces webinar meetings  - how many people, on average, join each event? There were discussions (and attempts) in Australia to have the physical meetings also available via a web meeting and this posed some technology issues. I like the idea of more frequent online meetings with bootcamp style content. Sounds great!


With regards to web meeting technology I use join.me for work and find that it is reliable and reasonably priced. Not sure how it will go with many attendees as a webinar.