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Training your dictionary with phrases?

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Training your dictionary with phrases?


I have a general question on text mining regarding a business case. Note sure if I understood the concept of text mining 100% but let me explain my issue:

Imagine you need to analyze and categorize insurrance contract agreements as pdf-files.

For example the contract contains a statement like: "cancelation of the contract is possbile after death" or "cancelation of the contract is possible whenever you like". In that case I would categorize both statements into the "cancelation" categories plus a furhter subcategory needs to be created for "cancelation -> death" and "cancelation -> free".


Imagine now, another sampled contract would contain a sentence like "the termination of the contract is only possbile when the agent passed away". (sorry couldn Thing about something better Smiley Tongue).  In that case it would fit to subcategory death but only content wise.

So far so good, I guess manually creating your dictionary would be possible.


My question is now: Is there any automatized/ ML-learning approach to categorize this classification dictionaries without manually defining and categorizing sentences?

Maybe it is possible to "train" a dictionary ML algorithm?


And in case, can the SAS Text Mining Software solve such Tasks?



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