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Talking Analytics to the CEO – Top 5 Tips

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Talking Analytics to the CEO – Top 5 Tips

This is from an interesting blog about how to talk with management about analytics in general. Talking about what text analytics is to people outside the field is that I find difficult to do. Does anyone have any other tips or advice to share with the community about how to do this?

Top-5 C-Suite Analytics Tips:

  1. Dumb it down, way down! – No the CEO isn’t a five year old, but if you’re spouse falls asleep reading it, your CEO might too.
  2. It should be all about the Benjamins! – you better be talking increased sales, ROI, value, or savings…
  3. Follow the 2:1 Analysis to Communication Ratio – Spend at least half as much time thinking about how to best communicate the answer as you did finding the answer
  4. Be Prepared to Catch a Lot of Javelins – If you enjoy answering hard questions, this is your Olympics event
  5. Make sure it’s topical – Most CEO’s don’t have ADD, but you better not be talking about what was important last month!

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