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Stratefication with text topic

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Stratefication with text topic

I am trying to use stratification to simplify the process, but need some help on how to combine the output.

Instead of creating topic nodes for each level of a stratification variable (saying gender), I am wrapping text parser, text filter and text topic nodes within start/end group.

Normally, the output of a topic node will have the topic assignment for each document. But now because the process will go through each level of the stratification variable, I do not see how we can get the output for all the input documents.

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Re: Stratefication with text topic

Hi bachfan,

I've moved your question to the Text Analytics Community, as the experts here may be able to help you out.



PS - I'm a Bach fan too.

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Re: Stratefication with text topic

Unfortunately, the Text Miner nodes do not work with  the Start/End group nodes.  Sorry!

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