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Re: sas Visual Analytics for text mining



I have leanrt some information after reading the document shared. but I still have few questions to put in place the jig saw puzzel.


a. After having the data in place the next step to my understanding is dictionary building , take a look at the following statement from the document shared.

The challenge with unstructured data is that it is free-form, opening the door for misspellings, abbreviations, emoticons, misusing terms (for example, writing their instead of they’re), and many other challenges. In addition, the analyst typically does not know what is contained within the raw text. Therefore, an essential part of this process is to use text mining to explore and extract key elements in the data, relationships, topics, and clusters, all of which greatly benefit from part-of-speech analysis and standardization such as the ability to stem terms or automatically identify misspellings. 


Here text mining I believe is from SAS Text miner, is it ?. correct me if I am wrong.


If my assumption is correct please let me know , what is the way to import the dictionary to sas VA.


Thank you,



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