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Predictive Analytics World for Workforce 1st Annual Conference – San Francisco

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Predictive Analytics World for Workforce 1st Annual Conference – San Francisco

Predictive Analytics World for Workforce 1st Annual Conference, March 31-April 1, 2015, in San Francisco (www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/workforce), is the premier workforce analytics event for HR professionals, business leaders, line of business managers, and analytics practitioners. This global, cross-industry event covers predictive solutions to today's greatest workforce challenges.

Optimize your organization's greatest asset: its workforce. Well known for proactively driving enterprise operations by predicting human behavior–of customers, voters, debtors, and patients–predictive analytics also serves up the odds on each employee and prospect's outcome: Who will accelerate, who will perform and who will terminate?

PAW Workforce’s program is packed with the top predictive workforce analytics experts, practitioners, authors and business thought leaders, including keynote addresses from: Greta Roberts, CEO, Talent Analytics; Elpida Ormanidou, Vice President, Global People Analytics, Walmart; Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte; and conference presentations from over 15 analytics leaders. 

PAW for Workforce delivers case studies and leading edge solutions that discuss how to:

  • Identify and retain your strongest talent
  • Reduce overall employee attrition
  • Identify top and bottom performers during the recruiting process
  • Optimize today's workforce productivity
  • Model employee cost
  • Understand how big data solves workforce challenges
  • Develop workforce analytics even in light of incomplete or missing data
  • Bring greater predictability to workforce planning
  • Build a workforce analytics driven culture

Click here to view the agenda at a glance. 

Who Should Attend:

This Conference is targeted to end users wanting to learn how others are using predictive analytics to solve workforce challenges. Any analytics-curious human capital, line of business, and analytics leader is welcome to attend.

Business Leaders

  • CXO's
  • Risk and Financial Leaders
  • Business Leaders needing to solve workforce challenges
  • Sales / Support / Customer Service / LOB Managers facing costly & disruptive Attrition or Performance Challenges

Human Capital Leadership and Specialists

  • Chief People/Talent/Human Resources Officer
  • VP, HR Information Systems (HRIS) or HRIT
  • Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Recruiters Leaders and Specialists
  • HR/People/Talent/Workforce/Human Capital Analytics, Reporting, Technology
  • Strategic Workforce Planning & Analytics

Analytics Professionals

  • Workforce Analytics Practitioners
  • Management and Performance Analysts
  • Data Scientists and Analysts
  • Workforce Analytics Management Consultants
  • Analytics Vendors providing leading edge workforce analytics solutions

Technology Leadership and IT Specialists

Three Co-Located Analytics Events:

  1. Predictive Analytics World San Francisco - (www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/sanfrancisco/2015/) -  cross registration available.

  1. Text Analytics World - www.tawcon.com - cross-registration options available

  1. Predictive Analytics Times Executive Breakfast - (www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/patimes/executive-breakfast/): Join Eric Siegel, founder of Predictive Analytics World, for an eye-opening executive breakfast — witness an accessible, concrete overview of how predictive analytics drives actionable value.

WORKSHOPS: PAW Workforce also features several full-day pre- and post-conference workshops that complement the core conference program.

Attend PAW Workforce and access keynotes, sessions, workshops and expert panels delivered by industry heavyweights and senior analytics executives from some of the world’s biggest brands. The event also features a robust exposition, live demos, and unparalleled opportunities to network with your peers.

GET STARTED. If you're new to predictive analytics, kicking off a new initiative, or exploring new ways to position it at your organization, there's no better place to get your bearings than PAW Workforce. See what other companies are doing, experience vendor demos, participate in discussions with the experts, network with your colleagues, and weigh your options!

Register by December 19, 2014, and save up to $600.00: www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/workforce/register.php

Bring the Team Offer

Each additional attendee from the same company, registered at the same time, receives an extra $200 off the All Access, Two Day or Combo Passes.  [Discounts may not be combined.]

What is predictive analytics? See the Predictive Analytics Guide: www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/guide

If you'd like our informative event updates, sign up at: www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/signup-us.php

To sign up for the PAW group on LinkedIn, see: www.linkedin.com/e/gis/1005097

Follow PAW Workforce on Twitter www.twitter.com/pawworkforce

For more information:  www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/workforce/2015/

For inquiries e-mail regsupport@risingmedia.com or call 717-798-3495.


Predictive Analytics World San Francisco - March 29-April 2, 2015 - www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/sanfrancisco/2015/

Predictive Analytics Times Executive Breakfast - April 1, 2015 - www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/patimes/executive-breakfast/

Predictive Analytics World for Workforce - March 31-April 1, 2015 - www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/workforce/2015/

Text Analytics World San Francisco - March 31-April 1, 2015 - www.textanalyticsworld.com/sanfrancisco/2015

Predictive Analytics World Chicago - June 8-11, 2015 – www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/chicago

Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing Chicago - June, 2015 - www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/mfg

PAW Videos: Available on-demand - www.pawcon.com/video

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