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Newbie to Text Mining

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Newbie to Text Mining

I am fairly new to the Text Mining and I just went through the great course taught by some of the SAS folks. Just when I thought Enterprise Miner had a tremendous amount of bells, whistles, and options now I see that Text Mining has quite a lot of good stuff as well.

I am experimenting with the import of some data. I will be reading in hundreds of thousands of cases where about ten of them are sort of standard fields while two of them will be large text fields.

I THINK the best way to create this file is within Enterprise Miner instead of Enterprise Guide, but I am not 100% sure. My text file will be custom-delimited by |s.

But I wish to have a little control over the  length of my text field. Each of them will have up to 4,000 characters. I realize I can use the Guessing Rows property to try and make this work, but I am looking for a slightly finer level of control. Is there a way to specify the field length somewhere?

Also, while I am at it, is there a way to specify where I would like the SAS data file (.sas7bdat) to be placed and named?

Thank you.

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