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Kept Terms not staying

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Kept Terms not staying

In SAS Contextual Analysis - In the Terms tab: I have moved ~100 kept terms to dropped terms, yet when re-running the program, the ~100 dropped terms are moved back to the kept terms. How do I get thes to stay? I am refining data constantly therefore all tabs need to be re-ran.

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Re: Kept Terms not staying

I was running small tests in SAS Contextual Analysis 14.1 and SAS Contextual Analysis M1.

I think I did not see  terms which were moved to dropped terms coming back to kept terms.


Thing to note may be SAS Contextual Analysis 14.1 user guide pdf has below caution on page 39 -- 

CAUTION! If concept rules are out-of-date when you rerun any tasks (all out-of-date tasks or topics only), any changes that you made to terms are overwritten with the original terms list.






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