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Just What Does The Gartner Report Actually Say?

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Just What Does The Gartner Report Actually Say?

A Gartner Report from September 2012 lists 29 companies in a Who's Who in Text Analytics | 2160715 . The companies that the report reviews are listed below:

  • IBM Capabilities
  • SAP Capabilities
  • SAS Capabilities
  • ai-one Capabilities
  • Autonomy Capabilities
  • OpenText Capabilities
  • Pingar Capabilities
  • Smartlogic Capabilities
  • Zementa Capabilities
  • AlchemyAPI Capabilities
  • Attensity Capabilities
  • Clarabridge Capabilities
  • Content Analyst Company Capabilities
  • Collective Intellect Capabilities
  • Expert System Capabilities
  • Knime Capabilities
  • Lexalytics Capabilities
  • LingPipe/Alias-I Capabilities
  • Provalis Research Capabilities
  • Rapid-I Capabilities
  • Saplo Capabilities
  • Temis Capabilities
  • Texifter Capabilities
  • CIC Capabilities
  • eMudhra Capabilities
  • Nice Systems Capabilities
  • salesforce.com Capabilities
  • Sysomos Capabilities
  • Verint Systems Capabilities

I'm glad to see that SAS is included in this report, but I would like to know if anyone out there has actually read this report. I could buy the report myself for a cool $1,295.00, but since I also need to pay my mortgage, my utilities, my insurance premiums, etc, I do not have this kind of cash. If anyone has read this report, would you be willing to share what it said - particularly with regards to what the report had to say about the SAS products?

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Re: Just What Does The Gartner Report Actually Say?

SAS is described as one of the Megavendors in this Sept. 2012 report - along with IBM and SAP.  The report outlines the product capabilities, as a checklist as it does with all the vendors, and describes the focus areas (in addition to analysis of text data) as integration with structured data and event stream processing for use in predictive analysis and data management. It mentions that there are also a number of industry specific solutions that utilize text analytics (as well as domain expertise, reports, etc..).  A more recent report that you may be interested in - and the first comparative text analytics report is the Hurwitz Victory Index - the full report is available from www.hurwitz.com, and the SAS excerpt is free from the SAS site listing: Analyst Viewpoints by Technology | SAS

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