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EMiner Text Parsing ERROR

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EMiner Text Parsing ERROR

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When I run text parsing, it gave me the following error message:


Proc hptmine reports ERROR: Unable to initalize case mapping in initialize concepts. Unable to initialize case mapping in initialize concepts.

Diagram: Analysis

Node: Text Parsing


I have set my data variable to all rejected excpet setting 1 as text and 1 as target (numerical variable).


In the log, it shows: ERROR: Physical file does not exist, <path>


Any idea how to solve this problem? I treid to serach the forum but doesn't seem to be a related questions on this.



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Re: EMiner Text Parsing ERROR

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If you are running only locally, it sounds like your install was not completed with the language files going to !SASROOT under tktg subfolder. Please check with an admin to see if the language files  were installed.


If you are running hptmine on a grid you have to communicate to the grid components where the langauge files are located. You do this by setting a macro variable from the sas side:

%let GRID_TEXTANALYTICS_BIN_LOC=/local_dir/tktg/misc;

Your location may be different from the above, so you need to obtain this information from your admin. More information is available in the hptmine documentation.


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