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Defining rules for people names

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Defining rules for people names

Hello All,


I am a SAS newbie and had a question regarding defifining rules for people names.  What I am trying to do is write a rule which identifies a person's name from a document.  There are few patterns (I am assuming) that have been defined by studying the sample documents. For example. Mr. John Doe (the first two letters with a period after it).  Also, if it is a email cc: and then the next two words would be a name.  I understand that defining the names are very chanllenging which is why we are not looking at 100% accuracy.  But something lie a 70% accuracy would be good.  Can somebody help me with how I can proceed with wiriting the rules? Please! Thanks!!!

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Re: Defining rules for people names

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Are you using SAS Enterprise Content Categorization or SAS Contextual Analysis for defining rules for peoples name?

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