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Creating a carriage return

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Creating a carriage return



I am working in SAS to manipulate a dataset that I will export into word.


Right now, my address variable is written as a single line; for example:

Address="123 Apple Way Anytown, NY 12345"


I would like to modify the format so that when it exports into excel, it will appear in the same cell, across two lines. In other words, I would like to force a carriage return so that the address appears as:

123 Apple Way

Anytown, NY 12345


Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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Re: Creating a carriage return

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This works for me (in SAS Studio, reading the spreadsheet back in via Apple's Numbers):


libname xl xlsx "&_sasws_/test.xls";

data xl.test;
a = "123 Apple Way Anytown, NY 12345";
b = catx('0d0a'x, scan(a, 1, ','), scan(a, 2, ','));
libname xl clear;

Alternatively, and this seems to work too:

b = tranwrd(a, ',', '0d0a'x);
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