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Best Database to store Text Data

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Best Database to store Text Data

We are planning to enter into the field of Text analytics. We have huge text data and would like to know the right kind of database , that is compatible with SAS text Miner , So that we can store , retrieve and manipulate the textual data most efficiently.

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Re: Best Database to store Text Data

I'd suggest a SAS database, (but am kind of biased ;-)

Because SAS can read virtually any data store, you aren't limited by the software.

Of course, a SAS format is often preferred (did I mention I'm kind of biased ...)

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Re: Best Database to store Text Data

You're not really going to get much subjectivity from a board dedicated to one software.  Your best bet is to google around, see what tech experts are saying.  Download some brochures from the main companies and compare features.  There are RDBMS out there which have been around for centuries (ok, bit of an exaggeration), some that are new.  There is NOSQL databases (XML based).  Some with ODBC some with other drivers, some embeddable, some server based.  Shopping around is your best bet.  Also, have a clear list of what you want from it, and what priority each feature must have, i.e. is speed the main issue, or fast access over network etc.  

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