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A "SAS-y" mindset

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A "SAS-y" mindset

In response to posts from Tom Reamy and Seth Grimes on conferences, I would like to clarify that this forum was begun as a community of practice for people using the SAS text analytics products. As co-moderators, Heather Edwards and myself use the SAS Content Categorization Studio in our work environments and wanted to hear from other people on how they implemented and used the SAS Text Analytics products. Heather and I do not work for SAS, but SAS obviously provided the space and set up the forum for us.

When Heather and I were discussing this forum with the folks from SAS, we explicitly asked them about expressing different points of view or even criticisms of the SAS products. The SAS folks were very supportive in making this forum an open exchange of ideas as long as the ideas were expressed in an appropriate and professional manner.

That said, the mindset of this forum will more than likely be very "SAS-y" as this is its raison d'être.


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