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sas studio




I haved started working in SAS STUDIO this morning. I have more than 25 years in sas programming(Lately sas 9.4).

I was really disappointed to find that the SAS STUDIO  is quite inferior relative to "normal" sas in heavy programming jobs. SASfiles when opened in the old SAS are far better presented, one can determine the width of any column easily, mark a line etc.  Am I mistaken? 

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Re: sas studio

What type of SAS installation do you have? Is SAS Studio being used to access your own servers, or are you referring to SAS University Edition?


Personally I find it easier to navigate datasets in SAS Studio. You can click the drop down to see all variables at once in the library navigation without having to open the dataset. It shows the variable type as well in this view. 


Additionally, if you open a dataset and want to determine the length I just need to click on the variable name in the column list and the length, format/informat are displayed, without having another window pop up. 


SAS Studio is also great for programming as the interface is better than SAS Base, it has more tips and the Snippets are nice features. 

However, I can see that if you're dealing with large files it could be cumbersome. 


I'm not sure what you mean by mark a line though, you can easily select a line while viewing a dataset, similar to how you would in Base. 



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Re: sas studio

Is it possible to open simultaneously more than one dataset?
Likewise is there a way to put side by side lets say the log window and the
program window?
Why isn't possible to to manually determine the width of a column and be
able to see a lot more variables at the same time? I have to deal with
several hundred variables. Why isn't possible to take advantage of the
whole screen to more variables and also be able to select on the upper
window certain cases?
And most important' is it possible - under the Studio licence - to be able
to work in the "old" way? After 30 years of heavy SAS programming I feel my
efficiency was sacrifificed to SAS users in their first steps. I do believe
that SAS the contribution of users like me to the SAS world is far beyond
than their small numbers


Dr. Hanna Farbstein

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Re: sas studio


Here are answers to a couple of your questions:

1.  Is it possible to open more than one data set?  Yes - you can open multiple data sets at a time - each one is opened in a separate tab.


2.  Is there a way to put the log window and program window side by side?   Yes - you can rearrange the tabs in a program by docking them along the bottom or side of the window.  To move the Log window, for example, so that it is below the Code window, click the Log tab and drag it towards the bottom of the window.  The mouse pointer changes from a red X to a green check mark when you can drop the tab in a new location.


3. Can I change the width of a column to see more variables at one time?  Yes - you can change the column widths in a couple of ways.  You can right-click a column heading and  select Size grid columns to content to automatically resize the column widths to fit the current size of the column content.  You can also position your mouse pointer between two column headings and adjust them manually when the mouse pointer changes to a double arrow.  Note that you can also maximize the table viewer by clicking the New Options button in the toolbar and selecting Maximize View.


In addition to our product documentation, we also have a SAS Studio FAQ that is designed for new users of SAS Studio.


I hope that helps.



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Re: sas studio

Dear friends 


I really feel much better after your kind replies.

In my first steps it was like being forced to use SPSS...




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Re: sas studio

One more question


If SAS STUDIO is installed on a server, is it possible to enter a standatd sas mode of work. Putting it in different words, may I choose to run SAS in the old fassion way?


Thanks a lot

Hannan Farbstein, P.Hd

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Re: sas studio

You may be able to install EG which is closer, but it would still be accessing a Server. 

Your license may or may not allow desktop Base SAS applications. You'll have to check with your SAS administrator. 





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Re: sas studio

SAS still works as it has in the past (for now), but your company might want to support the environment needed to let you use it that way.


If your SAS is running on Linux then you can run Display Manger using an X terminal window.


If your SAS is running on Windows then you will need to either install it locally (meaning you will need to pay for a license for SAS on your machine) or use remote desktop to run it on the Windows Server or Citrix Server.


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Re: sas studio

SAS Studio is a Web application and works/looks the same regardless where it's installed.
It won't work/look like old school SAS Display Manager.
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