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newbie libname help

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newbie libname help

Hi everyone

Sorry for a real basic question.

I am having difficulty in using libname statement and having difficulty in saving a sas file in permanent folder.


libname sas1 '/Users/Documents/Desktop/sas1';
This is the command I am using on my macbook and getting this error. I am using a SAS university vesion.
ERROR: The path /Users/rahulchanchlani/Documents/Desktop/sas1 is not in the list of accessible paths when SAS is in the lockdown
ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.
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Re: newbie libname help

You downloaded an instruction/set up file when you got SAS UE. 

Please read it and follow the steps.


You should have 1) Created a folder called myfolders under the SAS University Edition Folder

2) Created a shared drive between the VM that maps to the myfolders

3) When you start SAS UE it doesn't say that myfolders wasn't found

4) Move files you want to work with into the myfolders area and access them via:


libname mylib '/folders/myfolders/';



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