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font support

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font support

Does sas studio support font "Times Roman"?

I can not find font list in the below link:



And if I want to set up a style that I can use when I want to generate pdf.

How can set up fond, word pt and bold?


Thank you all!


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Re: font support



This will not fully answer your question, but it shows you how to identify and change the graph fonts in a style.

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Re: font support

Thank you, but I would like to know how to change font in table.


Thank you again!

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Re: font support

proc template;
   source styles.rtf / expand file='style.tmp';

data _null_;
   infile 'style.tmp' pad;
   input line $char80.;
   file print;
   if index(lowcase(line), ' fonts ') then y + 1;
   if y then put line $char80.;
   if y and index(line, ';') then stop;

Take the code from the doc and change 'graphfonts' to 'fonts' and it will show you the fonts.  You can change them, but I don't know all of the possibilities of what you can change them too.  Try this with rtf (above) instead of htmlblue (as in the documentation).  It has some times roman font examples.


SAS Output

   style fonts /                                                                               
      'TitleFont2' = ("<serif>, Times Roman",12pt,bold italic)                                 
      'TitleFont' = ("<serif>, Times Roman",13pt,bold italic)                                  
      'StrongFont' = ("<serif>, Times Roman",10pt,bold)                                        
      'EmphasisFont' = ("<serif>, Times Roman",10pt,italic)                                    
      'FixedEmphasisFont' = ("<monospace>, Courier",9pt,italic)                                
      'FixedStrongFont' = ("<monospace>, Courier",9pt,bold)                                    
      'FixedHeadingFont' = ("<monospace>, Courier",9pt,bold)                                   
      'BatchFixedFont' = ("SAS Monospace, <monospace>, Courier",6.7pt)                         
      'FixedFont' = ("<monospace>, Courier",9pt)                                               
      'headingEmphasisFont' = ("<serif>, Times Roman",11pt,bold italic)                        
      'headingFont' = ("<serif>, Times Roman",11pt,bold)                                       
      'docFont' = ("<serif>, Times Roman",10pt);   
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