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.csv import error

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.csv import error



I am new to SAS and statistics in general, but not to programming in general so I am kind of just jumping in the water instead of getting my toes wet. I've downloaded and installed the SAS university VM server and got it all up and running.


I then attempted to import some numeric csv data via drag and drop into the Import Data utility, but I recieved an error.


NOTE: Unable to open parameter catalog: SASUSER.PARMS.PARMS.SLIST in update mode. Temporary parameter values will be saved to
Unable to sample external file, no data in first 5 records.
Not exactly sure what this means yet, as there are certainly data in the file.
I may benefit from seeing some examples perhaps.
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Re: .csv import error

It seems that you have you have multiple blank lines at the top. One solution is to simply delete the blank rows from the file.

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