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convert csv to sas7bdat

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convert csv to sas7bdat



I was wondering how I can convert a csv file into sas as a sas7bdat file. Or, if easier, an xls file into sas as a sas7bdat file. 



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Re: convert csv to sas7bdat

Both can be done most easily using proc import.


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Re: convert csv to sas7bdat

CSV is easier, please see the videos here that illustrate how to accomplish most basic tasks:


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Re: convert csv to sas7bdat

For my part, I would recommend that you file...import data, and follow the wizard's instructions.  Once the wizard has completed, it will output the infile code that you may use to import your dataset.  Copy the code, and paste it into the editor.  Modify it as needed, and save it for future use.



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