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Web Report Studio and Web Report Viewer

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Web Report Studio and Web Report Viewer

Hi All,


 I'm using SAS Web report studio wherein I have my report stored now I need to make some changes in codes for those reports. I need help to find the codes for my report as I'm unable to find the path where I can get my codes 

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Re: Web Report Studio and Web Report Viewer

If you are using SAS Web Report Studio, which is part of the Business Intelligence Platform, how your web report was created will determine whether there is code you can find or not. For example, if you accessed and put a Stored Process into the Web Report Studio report, then there IS code, but you might not have the authorization to change the code. The location of Stored Process code is defined in the metadata for your Stored Process. Your SAS Administrator can help you find the location of the code and can probably also tell you who is authorized to make changes to the code.

BTW, if you are using Web Report Studio (part of the BI Platform), then this is not the right topic in the Forum for you to use. Take a look at this forum instead: https://communities.sas.com/t5/SAS-Web-Report-Studio/bd-p/sas_web_report_studio which is a whole topic devoted to Web Report Studio (WRS).

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