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Updating only SAS Studio

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Updating only SAS Studio

SAS Studio comes with the SAS platform, so each time you update SAS, you’ll get the latest & greatest SAS Studio, too.  But what about when there’s a new release of SAS Studio but you don’t have the cycles to do a full SAS upgrade?  Since so many folks have asked about this, we’ve come up with a solution.  You can now get the most current release of SAS Studio, 3.5, via a hotfix if you’re using SAS in a server environment or via a download if you’re using SAS locally on Windows.  For both of these methods, Studio 3.5 is added to your environment – it doesn’t replace any existing Studio versions and you can still use any other SAS interfaces (like SAS Enterprise Guide, for example).  To see the hotfix (for the basic and enterprise versions of Studio), visit

http://support.sas.com/kb/57/898.html .  To see the download (for the single-user version of Studio), visit http://support.sas.com/downloads/package.htm?pid=1924


Our plan is that each time a new release of Studio comes out, we’ll update these two places so you’re getting the most recent version.  And, of course, you’ll continue to get new releases of Studio as you upgrade your SAS environment.  Please note that SAS University Edition users don’t need to worry about this – each time there’s a new release of SAS Studio, University Edition is updated.  So as long as University Edition is up to date, you have the latest & greatest SAS Studio.

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Re: Updating only SAS Studio

This is fantastic news, thank you @AmyP_sas and to your team for making this available :-)


Looking forward to chattiing soon!



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Re: Updating only SAS Studio

This is great!

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Re: Updating only SAS Studio

Posted in reply to PaulHomes

Hi Everyone,

Much thanks for adding this feature!! We finally have been able to incorporate this into our standard change control process and we can now push out SAS Studio changes at an expedited rate!



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Re: Updating only SAS Studio

[ Edited ]

Wanted to let everyone know that the download and hotfix pages referenced in this post have now been updated to provide SAS Studio 3.6 which was released as part of 9.4M4 in November.  If you've not yet explored 3.6, the what's new FAQ will give you a summary.  

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