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University Edition in Windows 10

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University Edition in Windows 10

I was learning to program in SAS University Edition early in 2015 and wasn't having any problems getting the software to work at the time.  Life happens though and I've had to take an extended break.  Within the last month, I've tried to practice again but when I input the address in the browser, it loads a page that says, "Hmm, we can't reach this page." 


This past summer, I upgraged my desktop to Windows 10.  Also, my University Edition license expired so I renewed it.  I've tried re-installing the virtual machine and VMware Workstation 12 several times with the same result.  I next tried experimenting with the settings in VMware.  In all the versions I downloaded, the Guest operating system was always set to Linux by default so I tried dozens of different OS verisons without success.


Has anyone else found a solution for this problem?

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Re: University Edition in Windows 10

Unfortunately I don't think SAS UE is supported on Windows 10. 


You can try the AWS version instead, if it's your first year using it, it should be free. 

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Re: University Edition in Windows 10

I have successfully installed and run university edition on windows 10 - using vmware player and using oracle virtual box.  Works in each.


This was a new windows installation - not an OS upgrade.



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