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Trouble uploading .da files

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Trouble uploading .da files

Hi, I'm using the SAS University Edition through virtual box.

I'm trying to upload .da files from the 2014 Health and Retirement Study to SAS. I was able to successful upload some files, but I am recieivng an error for the other files - it says that the "size of uploaded files cannot be larger than 10MB."

Any ideas on how I can get around this file size problem?



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Re: Trouble uploading .da files

I wouldn't use the SAS/Studio interface to move large files.  Just put the files in the folder that SAS needs to read from yourself.

If you are using the University Edition then one of the folders in the virtual machine is mapped to a folder on your real machine. Just use your real machine to place the file in the folder.

If you are using SAS/Studio with a real version of SAS then use FTP or other tools to write the file to the folder on the machine were SAS is running.

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Re: Trouble uploading .da files

Are you using SAS UE on your desktop, On Demand, or on AWS?

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