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SGPLOT density

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SGPLOT density

Hi, (again) a very simple question: How exactly does the "density" option of the sgplot procedure work? Does it calculate the mean and standard deviation of the sample and plot a standard density curve? That's the most likely answer but the documentation doesn't give an explanation and I want to be on the safe side since I have to explain the exact details of my graphs in a presentation.


Thanks a lot for your help!

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Re: SGPLOT density

You have some options that affect the density statement.


The details are at the bottom - if normal it uses mean/std.

If Kernal - etc.



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Re: SGPLOT density

The documentation says:

By default, the mean value is calculated from the data.


By default, the standard deviation value is calculated from the data.

So, yes, the sample mean and the sample standard deviation are used to plot the normal curve unless you specify different values for the parameters.


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