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SAS installation support Windows 10

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SAS installation support Windows 10


I have installed SASuniveristyEdition on my laptop and using the Oracle VM box virtual manager on Windows 10. I am getting the error message. The screenshot is atatched. Please help me.


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Re: SAS installation support Windows 10

SAS UE isn't officially supported on Windows 10.

However, some people have managed to get it working.


The instructions are here, from @RedPlanet



I solved my own problem, and SAS UE does work with Windows 10. Here is what you do, besides making sure you allow virtual machines in BIOS and such.

I uninstalled the virtual machine. Then I updated my default Chrome browser to 64-bit -- the Oracle Java website shows how to tell which version you have of Chrome. Then you install the latest Java, which is 32-bit. Next you go to install the Java by download only for 64-bit (see the Oracle site for instructions). Then you reinstall the VM from Oracle. Setup the VM with 2 processors and 50% of your RAM, which you should do when you configure the VM machine. Then you start the VM machine, sign on from Chrome, and then you see the SAS GUI, where I ran a very simple test which worked!

So SAS UE works with 64-bit W10 using 64-bit Chrome. I have seen this issue before when we upgraded laptops at work -- everything had to be 64-bit before any 64-bit software would work. BTW 64-bit Java addresses much more memory, and that's always a good thing. What's better is SAS UE on my personal laptop.




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