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SAS University Edition - What should I do next?

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SAS University Edition - What should I do next?

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I have been learning SAS using the University Edition web interface for sometime now. I need your help regarding my queries about this tool and more:


1. SAS Studio (SAS UE) vs. SAS Studio: In terms of capabilities, what limitation are imposed on SS provided for learning purposes. How close this version is to licenced SS? I have tried Base SAS, few statistical procs etc.


2. Where the SAS server is located in university version? In the local virtual machine we use to run the software? Are they any other differences how the learning version performs sas operations?


3. How to gain hands-on experience on other tools such as SAS EG/DI/VA? I'm interested towards data analytics/mining and I think each software is best suited for specific purposes? How do I gain that access?


4. Are there any project forums which can used to team-up and apply learnings on real-time data?


Thank you for your time and let me know your inputs. If necessary, please help me in assigning these questions to right discussion forums. 

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Re: SAS University Edition - What should I do next?

1) SAS Studio is "just" an interface. There should be no differences compared to the commercial one. What differs is the capabilities that you can utilise in tasks and in programming. So it depends mainly of what SAS modules that is bundled. UE has Base SAS, STAT, IML and ACCESS to PC FIle Formats, but I think each module have limitations compared to the commercial counterpart.


2) Yes, if I understand your question correctly...


3) EG could be accessible if you register with an academic institution that "licenses" OnDemand for Academics. In this bundle Enterprise Miner, Forecast Server and JMP also is included. For DI/VA, there are trainings available at SAS. A part from that, you may need to work at a place where these tools are being used, at least for a hands on experience.


4) With SAS, not that I'm aware of. But that could be a requirements for SAS Communities. Place an idea in the Community Suggestion Box, under the Welcome section.


Good Luck!

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Re: SAS University Edition - What should I do next?

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Thank you for your time and valuable inputs. It answers to my queries.

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