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SAS Studio vs SAS EG for a team environment.

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SAS Studio vs SAS EG for a team environment.

Hi All, 


I haven't found any good documentation on this. We're in the process of launching SAS Grid in our environment. As we do this we have the option to get onto SAS EG 7.1 or SAS Studio. 


We have a team of 5 people that support each other and each other's projects and code. Meaning:

- We have common libraries of macros/formats/variables.

- We have common abbreviations/snippets. 

- We have to have a similar configuration from one team member to the next.

- We do run some projects locally but it's not the majority of our work.

- Version controls would be very very useful.


I'm trying to determine if SAS Studio would make it easier to collaborate, share, etc. Or will it make it harder than doing so in EG.


Anyone's feedback would be extremely helpful!

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Re: SAS Studio vs SAS EG for a team environment.

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I think this post and all of the links contained in it will help answer your questions:



I understand the latest version of SAS Studio (3.7) allows you to read EG projects. Each SAS interface has its advantages and disadvantages. I'd suggest there is room for both, particularly if you have been using EG projects a lot to date.

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