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SAS Studio login issue

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SAS Studio login issue

I am able to successfully log into both SAS Studio and SAS Enterprise Guide using my admin account that is a member of a group having role membership Medatadata Server: Unrestricted and SAS Environment Managaer: Super Users. 


The SASUSERS group has Management Console: Content Management, SAS Studio: Report Consumer, and SAS Studio: Usage role membership.


I added my NON-admin account to a group having Enterprise Guide: Advanced, Enterprise Guide: Analysis, Enterprise Guide: OLAP, and Enterprise Guide: Programming role membership.  This account is able to connect to SAS Enterprise Guide but receives an error when attempting to log into SAS Studio - "Login Required Server: SASApp". 


From reading the SAS Studio Administrator's Guide, it sounds like anyone with a user created in User Manager in SAS Management Console is a member automatically of SASUSERS group which has membership in the necessary SAS Studo roles.


So why can't this user connect? 



SASUSERS Roles.JPGData Analysis Group Role Membership.JPGTESTING User is member of Data Analysis Group.JPG
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Re: SAS Studio login issue

Turns out the missing piece of the puzzle was the necessity to grant users Log on as a batch job permission on the SAS server. It was hidden way down in the SAS Security Administration Guide.  Our admin accounts are sys admins on the server, but our non-admin accounts are not. Once we added that permission, we could log into SAS Studio just fine.

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