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SAS Studio and Oracle libraries

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SAS Studio and Oracle libraries


I have a persistent problem when I log into SAS Studio (v3.3 running on Linux with SAS 9.4 M1) and try to browse the contents of a library. The library is an Oracle database allocated through a libname statement run from the autoexec for the SAS Studio session. When I try to list the tables in the libaries pane on the left side it can take up to 10 minutes to do so and when I try to open the table to view the first 100 rows it takes minutes to do that too. The problem is only with Oracle libaries - native SAS is fine - and only with viewing the tables not with running SAS code against them.


This is only a problem with SAS Studio.The equivalent activity from PC SAS viewing the same Oracle library (a libname statement connecting via remote library services to a SAS/Connect server session with the Oracle libary) gives essentially instant access. There is no appreciable difference in running queries or other SAS code against Oracle in SAS Studio versus PC SAS connecting via SAS/Connect.


I have had an open ticket with SAS support for a couple of months now with no luck.

Have other people had these difficulties? Any tips?

 Does moving on to the later releases of SAS Studio help?

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Re: SAS Studio and Oracle libraries

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We use SAS Studio 3.2 with SQL Server libraries and performance is similar to what we get with SAS EG. I don't think it is your SAS Studio version that is the problem. We assign our libraries via SAS Management Console. You could try a test using that approach so see if you have the same problem. I'm guessing you may have a problem with your SAS web server since running SAS code is OK.


Is scrolling through the Oracle tables also slow?  

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Re: SAS Studio and Oracle libraries

I don't have SAS EG but I do have PC SAS with SAS/Connect and the performance is very different. SAS Tech support suggest this is because SAS is giving a record count - running a count(*) query when it starts which might be slow for a view. They say this is different in SAS Studio version 3.5. It doesn't explain why it is slow simply producing a lst of tables to browse.

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